I Was Not Me Anymore

After fifteen years of marriage, in order to spice things up, my wife has been playing the role of celebrities I fantasize with. It's not only a turn on but also a lot of fun. This day, Liz came up with the idea of me playing the role of men of her fantasies, too. I said it was fair, so she asked me to act as if I was Rick, our neighbor next door. Knowing she was checking Rick out didn't sit well with me at first, but her mind is free, and I thought I couldn't avoid such a thing. From that day on, I've played Rick many times as well as her boss, two of her co-workers, and our son's friend's father with whom we often hang out. Last Friday, her sister Jane and her husband Harold came to visit and stayed for the weekend. Friday night, after playing games and having good wine, Liz asked me to play Harold's role. The fact that my wife was fantasizing even with her sister's husband turned me on. So, I suggested she dress sexy to see Harold's reaction. The next morning around 5:30 a.m., Harold woke us up asking for headache pills. Taking advantage of it, Liz got up right away in her short silk nightgown with nothing on underneath but her tiny thongs. She handed him the pills and stayed with him in the kitchen preparing coffee and breakfast. I allowed a good half an hour for them to be alone. When I got there, Liz looked delighted. Her body was like a magnet for Harold's sights. When he saw me, he tried to hide his excitement, but he couldn't. I kissed my wife good morning. She carefully whispered to me, "I'm so horny." She asked Harold to take care of the pancakes, took me back to our bedroom, and sensually told me, "Harold, please have sex with me." I was not me anymore, and she was so excited.

— Kenneth, 41