Playing Baby

I love wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. My wife and I play baby sometimes. I started wearing diapers at age ten at night because of bed wetting. My mom would diaper me before bed time. I would usually just have diapers, plastic pants, and a tee-shirt on. My father and sisters would see me like this. Once, I had a very bad sore throat and couldn't swallow very well. She gave me a baby bottle of warm milk while I was diapered and in bed. She diapered me until I was about twelve or thirteen. Then she had me diaper myself at night. At this time, I would wear a pair of boxer shorts over my diapers. I wet in my sleep almost every night until I was fifteen. After that time, I would wet my diaper on purpose so I could stay diapered. My mom always had clean diapers and plastic pants for me in my room.

— Franklin, 55