Something She'd Never Had Before

My mother-in-law has always turned me on. She is sixty-five and a real babe. She looks like in her fifties. Every time we play cards, she will stop and think of the next hand she will play while licking her lips which makes me so excited. I felt she knew my feelings, but I was always careful in case trouble started. When I was in town, I spent the night there, and the next morning her husband left. She was taking a shower. I walked through the living room, and she came out of the bathroom naked. She stopped, a bit shocked, and I couldn't stop looking at her. She noticed a bulge in my pants. She walked into the bedroom, lay down, and asked me to come in. She told me she could tell that I found her very attractive. She told me she would like something she never had before. I told her to bend over. She loved to moan, that woman did. I told her I would be right back. I got me a cup of hot coffee and came back to the room. She looked puzzled but didn't say anything. I bent her over again and began giving her anal sex orally. When she was ready, I took a long sip of my coffee and gave her some more. She screamed for what which sounded like the longest time. She told me she never did that before and it had never been that intense. When she finished, she gave me oral sex. I have intercourse with her now which always ends up with anal sex. She loves it.

— Bradley, 45