Incredible Turn On

I have always enjoyed the thrill of wearing ladies underwear, especially panties, and I have recently found an even more thrilling way of doing so in public. I dress entirely as a woman and have my makeup done professionally. Then I go to the fetish night club where almost anything goes. After a couple of drinks and dances, I usually get someone to unzip my dress, and then I dance in my slip. It's so sexy dancing in a slip. After a couple more drinks, my slip falls to the ground, and I'm dancing in my bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. This is when I really enjoy myself. Dancing with all the girls in my panties is a huge turn on, and they know it. I always wear full-cut nylon panties as sheer as possible. They show off everything. By now, I will be obviously excited. The girls will often say that seeing that makes them imagine me in their panties, which of course, is where I would like to be. Occasionally girls will want to touch my panties and, at certain clubs, they are allowed to take them off and I can dance in my bra, stockings and garter belt with no panties. What an incredible turn on!

— Pat, 52