I don't know if there are any other guys out there that have tried using a tampon, but they are awesome. I used to steal them from my mom when I was eight. I used to buy them a lot, but I stopped for a while. I have been reading all the stories on here, and I have been thinking about when I used to dress up and act as much as I could like a woman. I think I'm going grab one of my girlfriend's tampons when I get home and use it. She uses the same brand that I used to use all the time. Here's a tip; if you can get it wet while you have it in, it's the best feeling. Another nice thing to try is using a douche. If you use a douche before using the tampon, some water will still be in there, so the tampon will work as if it was being used by a girl. I'm pretty sure that my girl will be at work when I get home. So, if she is, I am definitely going to grab a tampon. If there is anyone else that has tried them, I would live to read about it.

— Roy, 24