Demonstration Of Gratitude

After so much reading, my wife wanted her g-spot stimulated. In our twenty years of marriage, we had never been into fingering, so this was a totally new experience. The more we tried, the more frustrated we got. We could not simply find the so known g-spot. She looked for help on-line, and we got an appointment with a sexologist. He must have found it because right after he introduced his two middle fingers, my wife pushed her hips forward and moaned aloud. Then, I introduced my fingers, and he guided me to where the g-spot was. This time, my wife moaned again and pushed her hips back and forward as I continued. The doctor was so happy for us he didn't stop helping us out until my wife reached an orgasm. When she came around, she couldn't help hugging and kissing the doctor in a demonstration of gratitude.

— Daryl, 43