Obsessed And Can't Stop!

I have been wearing women's underwear for about fifty-five years now. I can't stop! I'm obsessed! Every night, after the sun goes down, I can't wait to pick out a sexy bra from my large collection of twenty-five bras, a matching pair of panties, nylons, mostly fishnets now that it's warm, and a sexy little nightie over it all. I go online, almost nightly, to see what I can order and buy. I just received a sexy pair of black fence-net, footless tights that I have on right now. Along with that I am wearing a red demi-bra, pads to fill out the 38C cups, black and red panties, and a sexy, little, black, halter nightie over it. Even in the morning, when I get up, I go to my bra collection, pick out one, pick a matching pair of panties and nylons, put it all on and stay that way for an hour or more. As I said, it's my obsession, and I can't stop! Since I live alone, there is no one to make me stop or to catch me like my ex-wife did. So, I just keep on being an "in-house cross-dresser" and enjoying it!

— Farron, 65