As Long As You Tell Me Everything

My wife and I have been married nearly nineteen years. It took about a year of convincing, but around five years ago, she started going out on her own looking for men to have sex with. It is so exciting, waiting at home and wondering what is happening. Three times it has happened. She will call me and tell me she has met a guy she really likes. Then she asks me if it is okay for them to go to a motel. Of course, I say, "As long as you tell me everything later." Then, for the next several hours, I wait and wait. I'm so turned on, yet I'm nervous and sort of jealous at the same time that I can't stand it. I have to pleasure myself once, maybe twice, while thinking about her getting it really good from another guy who is more of a man than me. Then I wonder if she will leave me for him. I ask myself, but the sheer excitement of it all far outweighs the risks. So, I allow it to happen. Then, when she eventually returns home to me, she is mine again, all mine. We make hot passionate love for hours that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I French kiss her deeply and make love to her used body. I love it, and I love my sexy wife!

— Cole, 46