Visiting With Panties

My wife knew I wore panties for play to bed. But today, I was wearing them under my slacks to visit her folks. I was getting dressed, and she was in the bathroom getting ready. I slipped a pair of light blue bikinis on and got excited. I pulled up my slacks, threw on a shirt, and was standing in front of the dresser mirror just kind of looking when I started to slowly pleasure myself. She was still in the bathroom not knowing what I was doing, and I was just close to completing. I heard her finishing up and knew she would be coming into the bedroom to get dressed, so I had to stop. She got ready. It was a forty-five minute drive, and I was still wearing panties to her folks' house. We spent the day with her folks. When we got home, I was changing and said I had several spots on my panties. I asked if she wanted to see them. So, I showed her, as I was changing to a t-shirt and clean panties. We went to bed. She started to pleasure me, and very soon I was excited and could not hold it. It felt great. That was the first time I did that in front of her.

— Ryan, 53