For Those Private Moments

I was living with my girlfriend for a few years at the time of this incident. Her daughter lived at home then. She was twenty-three at the time, I believe. She was very odd in some ways. She had social issues and didn't get along with most people her age. I think it was due to her intelligence. She just could not relate with the average kids of her age group. She was into fantasy literature. I read some of her stories. She had quite the imagination. She usually stayed up very late and wouldn't rise until at least 11:00 am. Her mom worked out of town and was gone a lot. I am a musician, and so I worked nights and weekends. One morning, I rose early to let the dog out. We had an Alaskan Malamute, and when he whined, you knew it. I looked at the clock, and it was 6:30. Knowing that my girlfriend's daughter was asleep, I strode out into the living room naked as I slept that way, it was easier for me. After I let the dog out, I was closing the door to his cage, and then I heard her speaking! She was standing on the second floor landing in her night shirt, and she was looking down on me. I was facing away from her, so she was looking at my bare backside. I was feeling very vulnerable and quite awkward to say the least! She said "good morning" or something along those lines. That struck me funny since I was naked. She said nothing about that! I turned to face her, but when I did, I placed my hands in front of my genitalia. We had a "normal" conversation as I stood there naked as could be. I thought of that for some time. I really think she got a kick out of it for some reason. There were many incidents to follow that puzzled me. She would come down in a baby doll nightie and load the dishwasher as I stood there in the kitchen talking to her. When she would bend over to load the dishes, I would see her bare ass. No panties and she didn't care I saw! I never screwed her nor did I try. I knew that if I did go that far, I would have ended up on the curb with my belongings. But it served me well as fantasy fare for those private moments!

— Raymond, 51