I Watched Her, I Liked It

Last night, my wife went out with some friends. I decided to go out with a buddy also later that night. Not knowing where my wife went, we ended up at the same place. I saw her across the dance floor. She was pretty tanked. She was dirty dancing with a rather large black man. It made me hot watching her sexy moves. He took the opportunity of her being drunk and made his move. He started putting his hands all over her, and she was enjoying it, a lot! It wasn't long before they were making out. I saw them go out the back door, and I followed. They went into the back alley and started having sex. I watched the whole thing from the shadows. They didn't see me. I went home, but I couldn't stop thinking of my wife getting it from another guy. Instead of being mad, I was rather turned on. I couldn't explain it. When she got home, I questioned her about her night. It made me so excited watching her lie to me. I would have never known. I made love to her that night. Right when we were at the end, I told her that I wanted to watch her have sex with another guy. That sent her over the top. She has not mentioned what I said to her last night as of yet, but I hope she takes me up on the offer.

— Benjamin, 33