One Amazing Night

I had to help a family member out. It was my girlfriend's step sister, really. Her and her husband ran a business about two hours away from us. I spent a week at their house while I was up there. One night, they went out and had asked if I wanted to come. I said no that I was going to do my own thing. They had their normal baby sitter, who was this girl that worked at their shop. She came over and pretty much stayed with her and the kids all night. The kids went to bed, and we were watching TV. She and I got closer and closer to where we were cuddling. She leaned up, and we started to kiss. We must have kissed for about an hour. She got up, and we went to my bedroom, which in this house was like a guest house. It was in the woods and on the second story. The sky light over the bed was amazing. When we were done out on the balcony in complete darkness, she almost caught me because I had on my girlfriend's panties at the time. Fortunately, she never saw them. That was an amazing night.

— Gary, 33