Blindfolded Wife

Many times during sex, we would talk dirty to each other, and I found myself getting the most excited when she would bring up sex with other men. I would get her to fantasize about friends of mine, in particular my buddy, Barry. I would get her really worked up for sex only to leave her wanting more. She remarked that she was so excited that any guy would be good right now, and I suggested I could have one of my friends join in, but she would have to wear a blindfold. The conversation got me excited, and my wife noticed. "You would think that I'm a slut," she worried. I told her it was a big turn on for me, and we should do it. After a night of dinner and a few extra drinks, I excused myself to call my friend. I told him to meet me at the house but park up the street and don't let my wife see him. I explained that I wanted him to have sex my wife with her thinking he was me. When we got home, the drinks had made her pretty frisky. I told her to get into bed, put the blindfold on, and I would be right there. I got Barry and had him get undressed and get ready. I would switch in a little while. We started having sex, and I told her to get on her hands and knees. That's when I switched. Barry, with his much bigger package began to have sex with her. She reacted favorably saying, "Honey, your friend has a great package, and the blindfold is see-through."

— Arnie, 34