My New Realm

I would like you to know that I have gone to a new realm in my life. I not only wear my girly undies all of the time, now I have added to my wearing by wearing my falsies with my bras and camies. When I am alone at work, I will put on my falsies and unbutton my shirt so that I can see my fake breasts. I am alone as long as four hours a day, sometimes less. I get so hot that when I walk around doing my job, I have let loose in my panties. It is so exciting that the people that I work with don't even know that I do this. I am looking for my next outfit to buy. I will be wearing this outfit to work underneath my work clothes. I would like to wear this outfit in public someday if I can get the nerve. If it would be okay with the public to accept this, I would only wear women's clothing.

— Larsen, 50