My Wife Slept With Another

My wife is fifty, attractive, and still has a high sex drive. A few weeks ago, she and I had a couple of male friends to our lake home. One of the men was in his mid-thirties, and my wife seemed to be attracted to him. We were all having a few drinks and visiting, and my wife seemed to pay plenty of attention to the other man. My wife and I went to bed, and I tried to have sex with her, but she said, "No, tomorrow." I finally rolled over and fell asleep but awoke a short time later knowing that my wife was not in bed with me. I had a suspicion, so I carefully went over by the other bedroom door, and I could hear noises. I knew she and the other man were having sex. I was both excited and jealous at the same time and just listened without interrupting them. When it got quieter, I went back to bed and pretended to be asleep. A few minutes later, I heard her enter the room. She slid back into bed with me quietly. After I knew she was asleep, I reached over and felt him on her. I had to masturbate then thinking about what just took place. The next day, they both acted normally. When they left, he politely shook her hand and thanked us for the weekend. I haven't mentioned it and neither has she, but I wonder if she will continue seeing him.

— Grant, 53