I Knew Right Then

I have been wearing women's clothes since my sister dressed me up for Halloween when I was fifteen. I do service work for a home builder. I always wear women's panties and sometimes a bra when I can hide it and usually when it's cold out. I had never been with a man but have had thoughts about it for a long time. I was fixing a floor squeak in a house for a gay guy we had built. The squeak was in his master bedroom. It was hot in the house, and while I was working, I stripped off my heavy sweatshirt. I was wearing a hot pink thong and matching bra underneath a short t-shirt. I didn't notice the owner watching me as I worked on my hands and knees on the floor. My panties were showing, and I heard him comment about how he liked my panties. Then he asked if my bra matched. Before I could turn and answer him, I felt his hand rubbing me. I knew right then I wanted to have him. He quickly felt me up with his other hand. We both stood up, and he began to French kiss me and started to strip me. I just let him. It was as if I had no control of myself. Soon, I was standing in front of him in just the bra and panties and my smooth, shaved skin. He undid his pants and shorts and let them fall to the floor. He was ready, and I gave him oral. Then he laid me back on the bed and proceeded to make love to me. I now perform service at his house at least once a week.

— Vlad, 46