I Pack Her Bags

My wife enjoys very much when visiting with her two children from her previous marriage. I usually drop her on Saturday mornings and pick her up at night, but this time she stayed over. When I showed up the next morning earlier than agreed, they were having breakfast. Her ex-husband answered the door and invited me to join them. She kissed me good morning and handed me a cup of coffee with embarrassment. She was wearing no bra for her breasts jiggled slightly as she walked. Suddenly, I suspected she had been having sex with her ex-husband all these years. She is a great wife and excellent mother, so I decided not to ruin our relationship. He probably gives her in bed what I don't, and somehow I wanted to let her know it was okay with me. I didn't want to openly talk about it, so I began to pack a bag for her just in case she wanted to stay over.

— Raul, 42