She Is A Teaser

My wife loves to tease, and I love watching her do it. Everywhere she goes, she teases men with her smoking hot body. I finally talked her into taking it a step further. She was hesitant at first, but then she picked out a boy at the hardware store and started with the teasing. I watched from a distance. Man, she was good! It wasn't long before she had a time set for him to come over to our house. I was excited. We set up a hidden camera in our bedroom, and I went into the basement. When he got there, she wasted no time. She took him into the bedroom, and they had awesome sex! After he left, she admitted to me that she liked it a lot and would like to do it again. I agreed. We sat and watched the video. It turned me on so much to see her getting nailed by some random guy. We had sex again like crazy. I look forward to the next guy!

— Stephan, 48