Doing Her Mom And Daughter

This was the most amazing experience I ever had. It all started one night when a family friend's mom and daughter celebrated my daughter's graduation from college. We all had quite a bit to drink. When we got home, our friend's mom went to her room and her daughter went to hers. Her daughter called me into the room, but when I leaned over go kiss her cheek, she turned her head and kissed me on the lips. Boy, was I shocked. I have to admit, it was a really nice, soft, and wet kiss. I simply looked at her. Then she pulled me close to her. Next, she reached down and touched me. I could not believe this was happening. This girl is extremely sexy and very attractive. Well, before I knew it, I was all over her. I had oral sex with her, and she had oral sex with me. Then I took all of her clothes off and made extremely passionate love to her. Then she fell asleep, and I started to go to bed when my friend's mom called me into her bedroom. She thanked me for such a fun time. I kissed her goodnight. Then she also grabbed me and started to kiss me with such affection that I could not resist her. I began to give her oral, and then she went down on me for about five minutes. I told her that I wanted to perform oral sex on her. She said it would be her pleasure. So, I did, and then we made love two more times until we passed out in each other's arms. That was the most memorable experience of my life. I'm hoping maybe it will happen again someday.

— Henry, 50