Together In Panties

I love to wear panties. One day, I was home alone because my wife had gone out with her girlfriends to some show and then dinner. So, I had the house to myself. I went to the bedroom and put on my wife's panties, pantyhose, and a sports bra. They were silky white ones and they felt great on me! Now, I was walking around the house in them and forgot about the time. I heard the door open and there is my wife, and she is not alone. She has her friends with her. There I am, standing in front of them in panties, bra, and nylons. I could tell my face was getting red. My wife said to me that I look good wearing her things. That is when she looked at her friends and asked them what they think. They told her that they love it on me because their husbands also wear their clothes as well. They asked me if they can join me, and if they can get undressed so we all can be in our panties together. Of course, my wife answered and said, "Let's go for it!" I could tell they were all drunk, but I didn't mind at all. We all had a wonderful time that night. The next morning, my wife asked me if I would wear panties all the time because it was a big turn on for her. I was happy to hear that because I love them too. Now, once in a while, her friends come over and we all get in our panties together.

— Zach, 46