Caught In An M2M

I love women, but have been bi for most of my life. Older men turn me on more than younger ones. I met a fifty-five-year-old man online. We hooked up when my wife was at work. I called him to play once, and he told me he only had a few hours, so I headed over to his house. We were in his bed and didn't notice the car in the driveway. My butt was to the door when his wife walked in! "Excuse me!" was what she said. I jumped down and lifted my pants, while he sheepishly tried to muster some words. I took that opportunity to get out fast. I had to slip past her, as she was still in the doorway. I saw him online and asked him what happened about a month later. He told her that I was a guy from work and that he was curious. They went to counseling, but apparently it didn't work as he was still in the rooms! Weirdest thing that ever happened to me.

— Anthony, 40