Panty Secrets

I must confess that I wear my wife's panties and bras whenever I can. I wish she would catch me and say something. I have tried many times to get caught in bed with her panties on, and I think she does know. We both get drunk sometimes and at some point, I change into panties underneath my shorts. We go to bed and she usually jumps into bed in just her panties. I am too scared to be caught, but I know she knows that I like her panties as I feel them on her nice bottom. She then starts playing with me outside my shorts and, a couple of times, she actually touched the top of my panties. One time, she caught me in her panties under my shorts and she stopped playing with me. Instead, she took my shorts and panties off very quickly, before we had a quick round of sex and then sleep. The other night she passionately kept kissing me and playing with my panty covered manhood. But, she would not put her hand inside my shorts. I was so turned on and scared at the same time! This time, she kept on kissing me very passionately and caressing me on the outside of my shorts. She seemed to be curious as she was kissing me though, and slid her finger into my shorts. She felt the top of my panties and then took her hand out of my shorts again. I was so excited, but when she pulled her finger out, I became very scared. To my surprise, she kissed me harder and more passionately. Then she massaged me all around my privates, including feeling my panties from time to time. After a while, I lost it in my panties. I wanted to go the bathroom to take them off and hide them in the dirty clothes, thinking I would wash them in the morning. But, she wanted me to stay, so I did. I passed out with wet panties on. Oh man, what a thrill! I did get to the restroom later and changed. She beat me to doing laundry the next day though, and she folded everything. She was putting the sheets back on the bed and called me into help her, which I did. She then put the laundry basket up on the bed and asked me to put things in the drawers. She handed me her pile of panties and I put them in her drawer with my back to her. Then she said, "Oh, you forgot one pair." As I turned to face her, it was the pair I was wearing the night before. She handed them to me with a smile, a kiss, and pat on my behind.

— Eldon, 38