I Don't Mind Sharing Her

I love sharing my wife with my friends and she is a willing participant. One time, I helped a friend move and we worked all day. She showed up after everything was done with some ice cold beer. After few drinks, she did some dirty lap dancing for us. Well, one thing led to another and we stripped her naked. I let him have sex with her first. When he finished with her, it was my turn. While I was doing her, she helped to recover him. When I blasted off, he took my place. This went on for a few hours. We slept there that evening because of the drinking. The next morning, a few more friends of his showed up. Let's just say, she was at it all day. We set up a bedroom so that, as some of us were working, different guys could be with her. We kept this up all day. My wife loved it and she still goes back there with him and his buddies while I am away at work. I don't mind.

— Nick, 44