An Older Lover

When I was about twenty-five, my mother asked me to come to the bar where she was with some friends and drive one of the friends home because she was getting drunk. This woman, Margaret, was about fifty years old but a real MILF. When I arrived, Margaret was not ready to leave at all. She was wearing tight back pants and a blouse that was half-unbuttoned. She dragged me onto the dance floor with her where I couldn't keep my hands off her. She was very receptive to my kisses on her neck and chest, and I am sure she felt me poking her because she then asked me to bring her into the men's bathroom. She said she had to pee desperately and that the line to the women's was too long. She pulled me into the stall with her asked me to help her because she was very drunk. I got really excited when I finally got a good look at her. We then had wild sex right in the stall. When we finally came back to the group, they must have known we were up to something, especially since I realized later that there were still a few telltale signs on her lips. But since then, we have not made a secret of our affair. I guess we are what they call "friends with benefits" as we get together fairly regularly to have sex. I like it because I can't get her pregnant. I think she likes it because it makes her friends jealous that she can get a younger man.

— Cory, 27