I have been faithful to my wife my whole life. But this past Friday, the kids were over. My son's wife, who is about twenty-three and has been married to him for six months, was in the guesthouse with the little kids. I went in to see what was going on and she was tickling them real good. My young nephew saw me and asked me to tickle Tiffany (my daughter-in-law) back. I didn't, but then as I told the kids to go in the house to prepare to eat, Tiffany started tickling me. I warned her to stop, but she continued. All the kids were gone and I was almost out the door when she tried to tickle me again. I turned around and said, "That's it." I began tickling her real good and her skinny little body was on the floor trying to wiggle free. I looked at her beautiful legs and couldn't help myself. I tickled her upper legs and moved into her shorts. She was screaming and laughing. I pulled her face to my chest to muffle her moans, and took her to completion within two minutes. Afterwards, I told her she messed with the wrong guy. She smiled and said, "Maybe I did, but I will be messing with you again later," and left for dinner. Now I know I started something that is going to escalate fast. I just can't stop thinking about her.

— Craig, 52