Sex At A Book Store

I dressed up in my new mini dress that just covered my butt. I was also in pantyhose, five inch high heels, a brown medium-length wig, and make-up. I looked very sexy and lady like. I then went to an adult book store that had a video arcade and booths. No sooner did I enter the arcade when a young man hit on me. He took my hand and led me to a booth and when we got inside the booth, he locked the door. He turned and French kissed me and I melted in his arms. He was around twenty years old and very, very excited. He took my hand and put it on his member, which he had already taken out. I gave him oral until his knees got weak and he lost total control. I felt like a lady of the night; what a feeling! I think that next time; I want a man to take my cherry. Yes, I am a sixty year old virgin.

— Henry, 60