My Step-Mom Is Good!

My step-mom is twenty years younger than my dad, who is forty-three - you do the math. One day when she came back from work early, she walked in on me pleasuring myself; obviously, I was embarrassed and put it away as she walked in. She smiled and told me to carry on. I thought she was joking, but oh how wrong I was. She then started to carry on for me and gave the best oral sex ever. I've always admired her curves and hot body, so after the oral, we had awesome sex in lots of positions. I did one thing I'd fantasized about for years; doing her anally. The sex went on for about two hours. About a month later, she was going into the shower getting ready for work and again my dad was out. We did it all again and she has since given me home videos of her on my phone, as well as her underwear to keep. We have hard sex at least once a week!

— Ross, 22