While She Works

I have the day off work and as my wife was getting ready for her job, she asked if I could pick up around the house and run the vacuum. I said I would try to fit it in as I had a busy day scheduled. I gave her a goodbye kiss and told her to enjoy her day. She responded back with the same and told me to have fun cleaning as she smiled and left. Five minutes after she was gone, I went to my closet and changed into my French maid's outfit. I dressed in a satin thong, thigh high stockings, and black lycra corset. Strapping on my sexy four inch stiletto heels, I began to clean. I was so stimulated that I cleaned everything in record time. I decided to reward my wife by taking pictures of myself, and then emailing her the proof of the maid service. I then serviced myself several times throughout the day while still in dress.

— Luis, 39