Thankful Boss

My boss at my firm is a forty-six year old stunning woman. I have become her errand boy getting her coffee, lunch, and transferring papers to and from the office. She called me one morning and told me to come to her apartment as she needed a hand finishing some office work she had taken home. When I arrived, she buzzed me in and said I was to sit at the table and finish the work while she took a shower and got dressed. A short time later, she appeared in a robe and said she needed my help to zip her up. Turning around and dropping the robe, she revealed a tight teddy like thong that was zippered in the back. I trembled as I zipped it up and she turned around and smiled, saying that I deserve a lot of credit for all the good work I've done. She then gave me oral and stated that after work, I would get the rest of my rewards. The day could not have gone any slower, but the night was excellent and the most wonderful sex I ever had. She is the third woman I have ever been with. It was like a dream. I still work for her, but she now has a boyfriend.

— Corey, 24