I've been with my girlfriend now for about eight months. She is a great girl. After we had been dating for two months, my best friend and another friend broke up. I had always had the hots for the friend ever since she moved to town. After that, I found myself thinking about her a lot, almost obsessively. She's really short with blonde hair, a cute butt, and a great body. After about a month, I decided I'd try to hook up with her. We go to the same church and our families go out to eat every Sunday after church. So, I decided to make my move then. While we were there, we flirted with each other, and I'd occasionally rub against her. At lunch we sat next to each other, and it turned to tickling each other. Then it turned to holding hands under the table, and I'd sneak my arm around her if no one else was looking. We left early and I gave her a ride home. When we got to her house, I parked out front and we sat, talked, and flirted for about thirty minutes. All of a sudden our eyes met, and I reacted. I pulled her in and we started to passionately make out. It was incredible and in broad daylight in front of her house. Her mom and brother were even home by then. We agreed it would be a one-time thing, but a month later we got together again. This time it was in a storage room for track equipment at our school. We played with each other for two hot, steamy hours. It was amazing, and my girlfriend still doesn't know. My friend that I hooked up with twice is at college. I'm trying to hook up with her again the next time she's in town.

— Chuck, 19