Co-Ed Capers

I got drawn into helping out at a local college sporting event as part of the event staff directing traffic. One of the best "perks" that came out of this was plenty of young college gals, including cheerleaders, strolling by. At my age, being a flirt offers a little bit of fun. And to be honest, I am usually surprised at the positive response from admittedly a much younger grade of female than my middle-years typically provides. So, as I was going about my duties and enjoying all of the eye-candy, I favorably praised two passing cheerleaders, Rhonda and Susanne, on their athletic abilities. I then bemoaned my inability to compete for their affections due to my age. They took it well and went on about their business. I was shocked when they returned to the campus area where I was taking an extended break and teasingly commented that they had some time to see if I was serious about wanting to revisit my youthful pastimes. There was a nearby hall open to the public for restroom purposes, and plenty of empty rooms available. Rhonda and Susanne gave me the greatest ... oh, but that would be telling!

— Mitch, 43