Valentine's Day Shopping

I love Valentine's Day! This year, I went to a local department store and picked out a pale green babydoll, with sheer, ruffled panties. They had panties on sale, so I picked out a black pair with ruffles all over, a silky flowered pair, and a sheer, lacy, boy-cut pair. When I got to the register, the clerk was this college age girl with a pierced nose, sexy as hell, with a blouse unbuttoned to where I could barely see her white bra. I couldn't resist; I had to ask her where they kept their thigh-hi stockings. She took me way in the back, near the dressing rooms, and helped me pick out a white and a black pair. I made a point of pointing out how tall I was on the chart, hoping she knew what I was really doing. "You know, you might pick out a bra or two to go with those panties. I can help you find your size, if you'd like."

— Brett, 34