Sex With Therapist

My last session with my therapist, she asked me for a hug goodbye. I was attracted to her, even though I am married (as is she) and had fantasized about her. Our last session, she was wearing a dress and I was admiring her legs, at least what I could see of them. When we hugged, she was slow to break the clinch, as was I. When we pulled back, we looked at each other. I moved in to kiss her. She kissed me back, and after about fifteen minutes of serious tongue action, we started undressing each other. I was her last appointment of the day, so there was no rush. As we lay on the floor of her office, both of us spent, she said it was just as well therapy was finished as she was attracted to me and was beginning to lose professional focus. We met a few more times, but she ended it, saying her husband was getting suspicious.

— Kirby, 50