Wife Wears The Pants

I am sixty-seven and my wife is forty-five. I am retired, while my wife is still working. I have been controlled by dominant wife. I have received a maintenance spanking on weekend nights for the last twenty-five years. My wife has a paddle; she sits on the couch and orders me to pull my pants and underpants down. I am then placed across her lap. She proceeds to give me the four, four and eight warm-up spankings before she gives me the sixty very hard spanks. I must then thank her for the discipline. I have been doing a list of household chores everyday for the last twenty-five years. They include washing the dishes, scrubbing the floors, doing the laundry, and making the bed, etc. She has never washed any inner garments for the last twenty-five years. Even with the spankings, I still love my lifestyle. My wife and I have been enjoying our sex life more than ever. I love her very much for taking control and I enjoy it when she gives me orders in front of other people. Everybody knows that my wife wears the pants in our house.

— Richard, 67