Rock/Porn Star Escapade

I'm forty and used to scream for a heavy metal band back in the eighties. Although my band never made it big, we were pretty popular around the L.A. club circuit. One time, three female porn stars came to our show, and one took a liking to me. We talked after the show, and she persuaded me to join her at a nearby hotel, her treat. Not having much money, I agreed. I was all excited as she was a knockout. When we made our way into the room, her two friends were already there. Needless to say, I had the best time of my life. We dated for a while, and she kept me from starving to death. Then we eventually went our separate ways. I still keep in contact with her once in a while. We're still friends, but I'll never forget what a great time she gave me.

— Rick, 40