Lost Sock

Months ago, my washing machine broke. So, I asked my girlfriend if she minded if I came over and did some wash. I finished up the wash, folded everything, and then set the basket upstairs so I wouldn't have to go back downstairs before I headed out. I put all of my baseball stuff on top. I had a tournament in the morning and didn't want to have to dig it out of the bottom. I folded everything but just threw the socks on top. She went back down to the basement to do some of her own wash. I realized I was missing my one orange baseball sock. I went down to the basement to look for it. I caught her bent over with her half-shirt, navel ring, and short skirt on getting wash out of the dryer. Wow. I walked over, placed a hand on each hip, and pressed myself against her. "What do we have here?" I said. Before long, my shorts were around my ankles and I was ready to go. We then had awesome sex standing in front of her washer and dryer. When we had finished, I pulled my shorts back up and saw my sock over beside the dryer. I said, "Here's my sock. This is what I came down here for." She looked at me, rolled her eyes, and said, "Yeah, right." Since that day, I always ask her if she wants to go down to the basement and look for my sock.

— Antonio, 33