Met At Dentist

This gent sitting next to me at the dentist asked what I was having done and I told him an adjustment on my dentures. "Funny, I'm having the same," he said. They called him in, and then later on me. When I came out, he was waiting and asked if I wanted to get a beer. Around the corner was a bar and we had a couple. He asked if I wanted to share a pizza. "We can eat it at my place," he said. After a couple of more beers and pizza, he put a porno tape in the VCR. It was of two guys and he started to touch himself. I said I needed to go and got up, but he pulled me close and kissed me. I had never been with a man and never thought about it until now. My only oral experience was with women, but it felt like I was with a woman and told him so. Getting oral from a man with no teeth is unbelievable.

— John, 68