Aunties Underskirt

When I was younger, I was at my auntie's house and she was out shopping. I got bored and decided to explore her drawers. I found a full white underskirt with lace at the hem; it was nylon and soft. I took off my shirt and trousers, but I kept my underpants on. I stepped into the underskirt and put my arms through the shoulder straps. I lay down on the bed and started to pleasure myself. It felt so good that a loud "ahem" made me jump. It was my auntie and she just stood looking at me for a time. She said in a low, but stern voice, "What are you doing wearing my underskirt? I think you'd better take it off." After tea, my auntie took me to my cousin's bedroom; my cousin was a girl. My auntie took out a pair of white cotton knickers, full white underskirt, white socks, and a dress with flowers. She said, "If you like wearing girl's clothes, then you will have to dress as a girl." I never wore her underskirt again, but sometimes I would try on my cousin's knickers.

— Martin, 34