Clubbing In Women's Clothes

Last night, I finally had the courage to go out in public wearing women's clothes. It took all I could muster, but it was great. I am relatively attractive and in shape, but not passable. I wore a short, frilly black skirt with fishnet thigh highs and a tiny black lacey thong with pink trim. On top, I had a nice silver/gray shirt and for shoes, a new pair of hiking boots with hiking socks with rolled over tops. New baseball type cap on head. Must admit it was cute. I decided to go to a gay club (I am bi) by myself and this would be "it." To get my courage up, I stopped at a truck stop before just to arrange "things," but did not go inside because I was too scared. But, I did see a rig pull close, so I got out of my car and pretended to get something out of my truck and back seat. I leaned over a lot so my skirt would hike up. Needless to say, he had a very nice show and was a wicked turn on for me. When I got to the club, I was pretty nervous, so I purposely parked the car quite a distance away so I would be forced to go into public. As I was walking, it was very scary, but also very hot, especially when a strong wind would blow the soft fabric of the skirt. I went inside, sat down, and pretended to feel "normal." Luckily, I was a big hit and even had lots of guys complimenting me and asking about what I had on underneath. As the bathrooms were upstairs, I would find a hot guy and walk in front of him, up the stairs, pretending not to notice that he was peeking up my skirt. Wicked turn on. Later in the night, I got the courage to sing karaoke and when I turned around (towards the end) there was a group of them looking up my skirt and a few sliding their hands up my thighs. Once the night was over, I was so hot from all the attention that I let some guy do me in the back of my car in the bright parking lot for all to see. I even let him take some pictures with my camera! I am a real exhibitionist. On the way home, I was even more excited, so I challenged myself to go into the same truck stop even though it was now four in the morning and not as many people were there. I walked in, got some great looks from some hot guys, and then left. On the way home, I stopped at some gas stations just to show off. I would let my skirt hike up really high and pretend to lose my wallet in the car so I had to bend all around to get it. Lots of fun with about five attendants who were pretty amazed at what they were seeing. But, one attendant really liked it. He asked me about the stocking material, then began touch me. Before I knew it, he was manually doing me right at the pumps. I also let him take a picture of me with my camera to remind me of my slutty adventure. He gave me his schedule for the next year, but I don't know if I will ever go back. I'm going to another club today in a similar outfit. Can't wait!!

— Ross, 34