Doctor Examines Wife

My wife recently had a medical check-up which included a gynecological and rectal exam. I went with her as she was a little nervous. When we arrived at the clinic, we were told her regular doctor was away and that she'd be seen by someone else. It turned out to be a guy in his sixties and he seemed unusually pleased to see my wife when he was informed of the tests he'd be conducting. I decided to go into the exam room with them. He soon had her completely undressed and was looking her over closely. I was getting more turned on by the minute, and even more so when he had her on the exam table. By the time he was doing the rectal exam, I was concealing full excitement and thoroughly enjoying watching him. I teased my wife later, telling her that she looked like she was enjoying it. Instead of getting angry with me like I expected, she just blushed and told me I was being silly. I don't know if she enjoyed it, but I do think it turned her on.

— Chad, 39