Night in Baja

I was hanging at this primitive bar down in Baja which was loaded with women. In fact, it was two women to every man that night, and boy, were they all gorgeous! I met this fine looking girl. We were making out next to the bar for about half an hour when she said, "Let's leave to really get it on." As we had this discussion, two other gals overheard and offered a twosome in lieu of the one-on-one. I said, "What the hell? Let's go!" They took me to a beach which had another ten women drunk in their early twenties. I was starting to think, "What did I get myself into?" I started having sex with the first one while one sat on the edge of the bed massaging my back and neck. Once I finished up on the first one, the second began giving me oral. Amazingly, I was ready to go within five minutes. That went on for another hour when another jumped in. By the time it was all over, I was used and abused for about five hours. What a night in Baja. The funny thing that night was that I drove to the bar with five buddies, and our campsite was two hours away. They got tired of waiting for me, and they walked those two miles in the dark under the moonlight. What goes on in Baja, stays in Baja.

— Rafael, 23