Shave, No Haircut

I was travelling on business to the Midwest and had a chance to catch up with an old college buddy. We went out for some drinks and got pretty buzzed. As his house was nearly an hour from the bar and my hotel was around the corner and had two beds in the room, I invited him to spend the night with me. I decided to take a shower before bed and came out of the bathroom naked. I keep my privates totally shaved, and my buddy told me how hot that looked. He asked if he should do the same, and I offered to shave him "down there." After a shower, I lathered up his privates and proceeded to shave every bit of hair off of that area. He was clearly excited and I couldn't resist the urge to give him oral. Before he was finished, we went to the bed where we gave each other oral. It was a total turn-on for me. We spent the night in each other's arms, kissing and having every type of sex imaginable. I'll always remember that night, and hope to repeat it on my next business trip to his town.

— Leon, 49