Slave Experience

I was twenty and in college. There was this girl that I always had good experiences with. One night, she came to my dorm room, and we played a Nintendo game. The loser had to be the winner's slave for the next seven days. I lost. The only thing I had to do that night was get sat on by her wet panties. Before she left, she told me to wear a pair of panties all day tomorrow! She also said that they had to be pink. Well, I had nowhere to find a pair of pink panties since my dorm was an all-guys dorm. So, needless to say, I blew off her demand and hoped she'd forget about it. She didn't. After our class together, she asked me to show her my panties. When I didn't have them, she got mad. She got about five girls that were her friends and were all really hot, and they took me to an empty classroom. They gagged me with my own socks and then stripped me. They put on a pair of pink panties and hung me from a hook on the door, a real hanging wedgie. About an hour later, they took me down. They tied me to a chair and put a lot of makeup on me. I was forced to stay that way for the rest of the day, until a party that night. At the party, they hogtied me, still in my makeup and panties, and threw me into the middle of the party. Anyone that wanted to could give me wedgies, spank me, or do anything else they wanted to me. Needless to say, I'll never make a bet like that again. That was only one day out of the seven that I was my friend's slave.

— Joshua, 25