Pleasing To Both

We have been married for thirty years and are still happy. The reason for this is we understand each others needs. I love slutty women and she loves to please. When we met, my future wife was very friendly and easy. After we got married, she missed the one night stands and freedom she always had. So, we discussed it and decided that one night a week, she could go out as long as she told me everything. The first night, she got home at three in the morning, got into bed, and woke me. She started telling me how she had just had sex in our driveway and had run inside as soon as they were finished. I could go into a lot more detail, but over the thirty years she must have had over three hundred different lovers in singles and groups; the most being nine in one night. She wants to try and beat that one day. I am only too happy to pleasure her after every time she takes a new lover. It pleases us both.

— Marcus, 55