Sexy Girlfriend's Mom

Well, my girlfriend and I have been together for three years, and she is great. I mean, she is really great. The great thing about our relationship is that she goes on business trips to different countries and states. So, I get to sleep and flirt with other women, and she never finds out. Trust me, it's great, even though I still love my girlfriend dearly. Well, one hot summer day, my girlfriend's young and single mother had just come in from the pool. She was wearing this hot and sexy lace tank top with really short-shorts. Anyway, she was looking for her daughter. I informed her that her daughter would be back from Seattle next week. So, there I was in my boxers and her in her short-shorts. She sat down next to me and we started to get comfy. She got extra hot and decided to take off her shirt. So, she was wearing a bra and shorts. Slowly we took off each other's clothes. Next thing you know, we're in my room having the best sex I have ever had. We had sex for the next week. The best parts were when she made an ice cream sundae for me on herself. That was definitely the best week of my life. Now that my girlfriend is back for a while, we don't do that anymore. But she is going to Idaho in four days, and I'm hoping to get me some more booty from her mom.

— Cliff, 25