My Friend's Mother

Lynn is my best friend Jacob's mother. I have been friends with Jacob since the third grade and I have fantasized about being with Lynn since I hit puberty. The two things that captivate me about Lynn are her amazing chest and her humungous behind. I stole a set of her bra and panties off their clothes line when I was younger because I couldn't believe how large they were. She wears a size 44 bra and size 46 panties. Many a nights I pleasured myself with her bra wrapped around me, calling out her name. I loved being around her and I would hang out with Jacob just to be near Lynn. She would catch me staring at her and just smile and shake her head. In my later teens, I went through a growth spurt and I grew to a little over 6'4". I began to notice that Lynn looked at me differently, and I would catch her staring at me. There were even a couple times I came to hang out with Jacob and I noticed that Lynn had changed her clothes and put on something that fit tighter or was more revealing. When I finally turned eighteen, things changed more. Even with her husband and Jacob around, Lynn would openly flirt with me and tell me what a fine looking young man I had become. I stopped in last month to see Jacob and Lynn was the only one home. She invited me in and told me that Jacob was at school for a few more hours and that her husband wouldn't be home from work for hours. She grabbed me and kissed me hard and I kissed her right back. As we kissed and fondled each other, I told her how long I had waited and how often I thought of her. She was getting so turned on by all the things that I was telling her I had thought about doing to her. It wasn't long before I was losing my virginity to her, and she was telling me that I was her young stud and that her husband was useless. The first time didn't last long, but we did it three more times in the next two hours before I had to go home. We have made love dozens of times in the past month and I am completely in love with her.

— Matt, 19