Aunties Underskirt

When I was younger, I went to stay with my auntie for a couple of weeks. My auntie was single, thirty years old, slim but not skinny, she was very gentle, and always gave me a hug. She did it wearing her underskirt, bra, and white panties. One day, she was out and I was bored. I decided to explore her drawers and found a full white underskirt with lace at the hem. I took off my shirt and trousers, but kept my underpants on. I slipped the underskirt over my head and it fell, covering my underpants. It felt really soft and I started to pleasure myself. I was lying in my auntie's bed with her underskirt and so lost that a noise made me jump. It was my auntie and she said in a low but stern voice, "What do you think you're doing, wearing my underskirt?" I said I just wanted to see what it would feel like. My auntie laughed, but she did punish me by making me wear girl's panties, underskirts, my clothes, an earring, and a girl's nightdress in bed.

— Charlie, 43