Wife And Brother

My wife has a crush on my gay brother. She went so far as to attempt to seduce him many years ago when they were both in their twenties. Nothing came of it, but that doesn't mean she's abandoned hope. About a year ago, he came for a visit and stayed with us. Apparently, the several weeks since he had been away from his partner were starting to wear on him. This came to light one night while we were sitting around drinking. One thing led to another and we got to talking about oral sex and my wife admitted she wasn't very good at it. Unfortunately, I had to back her up on that. He volunteered to teach her if I would volunteer to be the lesson coordinator. Okay. I had to close my eyes and tell them when I cold no longer tell the difference. It took a while, but eventually I couldn't tell the difference. During the rest of his month long stay, she satisfied herself by giving him one when he needed relief and he made himself happy servicing me. The best was when they would repeat that first effort and make me judge their competitive efforts.

— Wayne, 48