Sex With Hot Teacher

I was having trouble with writing poems and metaphors, so my teacher made me come in for extra help. Her class had no windows and was the coolest room ever. Anyway, we read a poem about romance and she told me to analyze it. What will happen next? She told me to write it down. While I was writing, she went over to her drawer and took something out. Then she said she had to go to the bathroom. She came back, and my paper was written. She read it. Then I noticed that one of the buttons on her shirt was unbuttoned. Man, she had some big nice boobs. She was so hot. She then took my paper and graded it. She said it was perfect. She then took off her shirt and showed me her bra. She pulled me under her desk. I was a virgin, so she did all the moves. The next month she became pregnant with my child, and she got fired because someone found a condom in the trash.

— Todd, 19