First Time Bi

I love wearing women's clothes and I've always wanted to show someone. One day, I went over to an old friend's house who I knew was gay. While talking to him, I told him what I liked doing. He asked me to show him, so I went out to my truck, grabbed my goody bag, went in his bathroom, and changed. When I came out, he had me go over to him and model; he asked how they felt and I said, "Good." The next thing I knew, I was preforming oral sex on him. We sat and talked some more while I was still dressed up, and then he got up and we had full sex. I pulled my panties and nylons back up and we talked more. He told me he was happy I showed him, but I know I was happier. I still go over now and again to show him new clothes and we both are pleased in more than one way.

— Dan, 45